Welcome to the Luxury Resort in Kanha

Tourists always crave for the best hotels in Kanha National Park. Vanya Resort is one of the best-of-breed resorts that makes every tourist feel like staying in a luxury hotel. If you are planning to explore Kanha national park entailing all the worthy places near it then better come to Vanya resort for your pleasant stay.

We are here to heighten your experience where you feel like you are staying in your home. Best of all, Vanya resort is near Kanha National park. Perhaps you are here to get time for relaxation and rejuvenation, so better would be adding this resort to your priority list.

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The whole resort and the furniture inside are constructed beautifully. Thanks to the team of this resort who take care to make this place neat and clean. Well, plenty of customers visited and still choose our top-tier resort whenever they come to Kanha with their family or friends.

Are you keen to know all the exceptional amenities of this resort in Kanha national park? We are going to jot down the points below-

Deluxe Room/Superior cottage
Swimming pool
Playground for kids
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Vanya Img1

The guest if demand any other facility then we will make sure to provide them on time. The main intent is to provide you with a delightful experience so that you always choose our marvelous resort and tell others to select Vanya resort for their enjoyable stay.

Packing your bags now and coming to the resort near Kanha? We welcome you by providing tasty cuisines that you have never tried before. Thanks to our well-versed chefs who are professional enough in making mouth-watering Veg and Non-veg dishes. Vanya resort would also love to show you a menu with various types of teas and coffee. A trip to Kanha should be more fascinating by enjoying scrumptious dishes prepared by trained chefs.

Home Dinner

Why stay at Vanya Resort?

A 3 minutes distance between Kanha National park and Vanya resort. Not too far from this resort.

Always ready to provide magnificent hospitality and our Resort team will be available if you need something.

Vanya resort is following COVID-19 protocols. All rooms here are fully sanitized. You don’t need to stay fret.

Rooms are clean and you will get all the awesome amenities. All rooms have an attached bathroom.

The team of Vanya resort will arrange Junge Safari for guests to explore Kanha national park better.

Free Wi-fi facility in case you have urgent business work for your client.

Swimming pool amenities in this resort. Spend some precious time with your loved one there.

Kids can spend time in the playground here. Even the resort has many other game activities for them.

Jungle Safari At Kanha National Park

Ready to see this largest national park in Madhya Pradesh? Vanya Resort can arrange a gypsy safari or canter safari. Explore the whole wildlife now! Well, the beauty of this national park is a perfect amalgamation of sal forest and grassy meadows. When going with your family or group of friends, it makes your trip to the national park more fascinating.

When choosing us for Jungle safari we can arrange for guests to enter from Sarhi Zone. Moreover, we can assist our guests in arranging Jungle safari in both Morning and Evening time for Kanha national park tour. Call us today! We would love to elaborate on this national park tour.

Our Rooms

Deluxe Room

Double King sized bed for your pleasant stay
Attach Bathroom (Both hot and cold water facility)
Awesome quality Bedsheet
Full space to store luggage
All time Housekeeping service
Tons of Charging sockets
Table and Chair
Vanya Delux room

Superior Cottage

Double King sized bed for your comfortable stay
Attach Bathroom (Both hot and cold water facility)
Air condition
Full space to store luggage
All time Housekeeping service
Tons of Charging sockets
Table and Chair
Vanya super delux room

Another reason behind the popularity of this resort is Food delivery. No need to go outside and search for a restaurant. The chefs here know exactly what tourists love to eat as they are experienced in making both Veg and Non-veg scrumptious dishes. In the evening time, the team of Vanya resort will serve you snacks entailing tea or coffee whatever you like.

In addition to this, there is a big playground for kids. We can arrange some sports equipment and they play there. Also, there is a luxury swimming pool on our property. How intriguing would it be to spend time in a swimming pool with your partner?


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