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What are the best places in the vicinity of the Best Resorts Near Kanha National Park

If you are planning to explore the coveted Kanha National Park, one of the Best Resorts Near Kanha National Park is the Vanya Resort, undoubtedly.

If you are planning to explore the coveted Kanha National Park, one of the Best Resorts Near Kanha National Park is the Vanya Resort, undoubtedly. The quaint resort welcomes you with all its beautiful interiors and hospitality and promises you the best staycation that would be etched in your memory forever. We'd like to recommend a few of the most spectacular tourist sites. When visiting the Vanya Resort, these are must-see attractions. Without equivocation, we can state that Madhya Pradesh is a thriving tourism hub with a diverse range of attractions. Though the list is extensive, we would suggest a few locations within a 350-kilometre radius of Kanha National Park that may be reached in around 3 hours on average. After a day at the renowned Kanha National Park, you can continue your journey to these tourist destinations. Enjoy the natural and architectural splendour of these locations. For the sake of ease, we are listing these tourist places from near most to furthermost so that your planning becomes easier. Travel about 11 km and reach the breathtaking and extraordinary Kanha Museum maintained well by the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh. It offers everything an osteology student, or an inquisitive nature enthusiast might want. The display of bones of carnivores, reptiles, and herbivores can teach you a lot of things. 

You will also receive thorough information about the food chain and the numerous types of Kanha National Park residents. Maps, photographs, and charts that are displayed at the museum in an organized way provide a comprehensive assessment of the park's geography. If you travel about 35 km from the park, you will arrive at Mandla. Mandla is known for its architectural splendour, which includes forts, temples, and natural wonders. Spend an afternoon at the Rangrez Ghat and Rapta Ghat enjoying the breath-taking views. The majestic Sahastradhara falls, where Narmada's various tributaries meet the main river, are worth seeing. Take a bath in the Garam Pani Kund, a hot spring well rich in sulphur that can rejuvenate your exhausted spirits. Satiate your taste buds by eating some of the best of local cuisines at Mandla and feel energetic. Kawardha Palace is 91 km from the park and is loved by people who are easily swayed by historical sites. 

From the palace, you can see the Maikal Hill Range in all its glory. With its beautiful Italian marble interiors and stone-carved paintings, Kawardha Palace is an architectural marvel. It covers an 11-acre plot of land with trees and foliage, as well as a garden area. If you can extend your budget this monument would be worth every penny you spend here. Amarkantak is 159 km from the Kanha National Park where you can enjoy games and is located at the confluence of the Vindhya and Satpura Ranges. It is a well-known pilgrimage that attracts visitors all year. It also includes the lovely Dudhdhara waterfall, which gets its name from its foamy appearance. Several temples can be found here, each representing a different aspect of our rich cultural past and spirituality. It's no surprise that it's known as "Teertharaj," or "King of Pilgrimages." It's a must-see if you want to feel spiritual and connected to yourself while on vacation. Now you have a list of places to explore, book your holiday at Vanya resorts, now!