Deluxe Room

Deluxe Rooms

These are single-story villas, with ample space between them to ensure your privacy and leisure time. Do not worry about noise from other tourists or music as these are placed such as your serenity is unperturbed. This space is just perfect for a couple or a family of 3. Let us look at the amenities that are part and parcel of your package.

  • ⮚ A 15 square meter single-storied apartment that is just perfect for you.
  • ⮚ A double bed to ensure ergonomic sleeping .
  • ⮚ Fresh and clean bedsheets that are of premium quality and complement the interiors.
  • ⮚ A sofa placed at one corner for you to sit, drink or eat.
  • ⮚ 24*7 Hot and cold-water supply .
  • ⮚ Free WIFI for a seamless and uninterrupted work from home experience .
  • ⮚ LCD TV for leisure time and binge-watching.
  • ⮚ Dressing table with storage.
  • ⮚ Drawers and storage to keep your valuables safe .
  • ⮚ Lounge area outside the room to sit and relax .
  • ⮚ Panoramic view .
  • ⮚ Room service at the tip of your fingers.
vanya resort deluxe room