Vanya Resort offers you many engaging activities to indulge in while you stay here. Once you check-in to Vanya Resort head to a warm or cold shower and relax while we plan your itineraries. You can satiate your taste buds and hunger pangs with sumptuous meals at the Vanya dining area. Savour hot and fresh meals while soaking in the artistic expressions on the walls and interiors.

Let us look at the activities:

A jungle safari

Enjoy the most sought-after Jungle safari at the Kanha National Park with the team. Behold yourself as you would be exploring the most striking national parks of the Maikal Range. It is spread across 940 acres of lush green lands rich in flora and fauna. You need not worry about lofty charges and hidden fees by unknown travel facilitators. Our team ensures that you only pay the amount that you owe as per the activities. As you already know, Kanha National Park’s gate is about 6 minutes away from Vanya Resort, the best resort near Kanha National Park and the one topping the charts of staycations. Witness the beauty of nature in a peaceful trek organized by the team. Get a chance to see the Royal Bengal Tigers amongst more than 500 tigers who are the coveted and esteemed inhabitants of the park. Spot the panther, Sambar, controversial Black Buck, barking deer, or the Barasingha and connect with the wilderness. If you are lucky witness the venomous counterparts like the Indian Krait, Python, Russell’s viper here at the park. Budding ornithologists can learn a thing or two and enjoy watching rare species of birds. Spot the Cattle egret, Pond Heron, Blossom headed parakeets, Crescent serpent eagle, etc. Travel through the dense deciduous forests with your loved ones through our curated Jungle safaris.

Did you know that Kanha National Park inspired Rudyard Kipling to write the iconic “Jungle Book”? Experience nostalgia while passing through the woods and soaking in this fact.

Image Jungle Safari
Image Jungle Safari
Image Jungle Safari

Things to do inside the premises

Well, inside the premises you have a plethora of activities booked for you to make your stay more memorable than ever before. Indulge in swimming in the blue waters of the swimming pool, and let the water melt away all the stress from your soul. Take a small nature walk and feel grounded and prepared to face urban life once you go back. You can also let out your competitive side by playing your favourite outdoor games here.

Once the evening sets in, a warm bonfire would do all the magic for you and your loved one. Now, visualize a scene from a movie, with you and your loved one living the moment, in front of a bonfire. There is music being played in the background and a starry night above.

Sounds magical, isn’t it? At Vanya resort, it is no more a dream. Book your staycation now!